with feeling is a law abiding group that has every intention to work within the requirements of UK law and the laws of countries in which we work. This section is dedicated to outlining our policies on certain legal matters with regards to our site and the work that we do.

If you should have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

Child Protection Policy

with feeling works to facilitate rehabilitation of vulnerable groups, it is therefore important that we have clear guidelines set in place to ensure the safety of those we are working for.

  • All With Feeling Trustees have CRB clearance.
  • with feeling members working with vulnerable groups must have CRB clearance before their work begins or, where this is not possible:

    a) Must be supervised at all times with a member who has full clearance

b) Be reassigned to a task which does not involve direct contact with these groups

  • If circumstances exist whereby a prospective member is found to have a criminal record a three phase process with begin.

a) Immediate discussion with the prospective member and one trustee

b) The trustees will meet in private to discuss the case and if/how with feeling can involve the prospective member

c) The trustees will discuss the outcome of meeting with the prospective member

Copyright Policy

with feeling's work is displayed throughout this site for the purposes of promotion, research and education. Any material displayed for these purposes is © with feeling MMVI.

Images used on the site are the property of their original owner, details of whch can be found in the credits section.

Any software used in the creation and running of this site remain the property of their owners.

with feeling has every intention of maintaining copyright laws. If you have any queries contact the web administrator.

Data Protection

with feeling work in the UK and will ensure that the data protection act 1998 (DPA 98) is upheld. with feeling will maintain international law and protect data provided to us to the extent of the law of a particular country

with feeling act to ensure that the UN convention for Child rights is upheld. This site for reasons of publicity uses photographs to illustrate our work. with feeling will actively take steps to respect the right of the child to preserve their identity. We will never unlawfully disclose information on nationality, name or family relations.

Due to the current sensitivities regarding children in Romania every child featured on this site will be given a false identity.


Credit is due to the following for materials used on this site:

Photogrophic Contributions : Adi, Kit Friend

Graphic Design Contributions: Kit Friend

SNAC work Contributions: Muir-John Potter