How can you help?

With feeling is looking for volunteers to help both in day to day running and with project work.

Promote us to your friends (myspace / facebook images)

We are looking for medical professionals and students to conduct research into health complications of those we help (info@withfeeling.org.uk).

We are looking for students involved in School or University fund raising events. We work for young people and often find that young people find it very rewarding to help people their own age.  

Does your work place sponsor a charity, if not why not suggest us?

We are looking for volunteers who want to fund raise.

Do you think your skills are suited to our work and you could offer us something? Let us know (info@withfeeling.org.uk)

In the near future we are hoping to employ a full time fund raiser who should be experienced and able to raise sufficient funds to pay their own wage as well as generating the large income we will require if all are plans are to go ahead.

Please forward a CV to h.robinson@withfeeling.org.uk