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Ever conscious of creating the most resourceful solutions to the problems faced by both with feeling and the charities we collaborate with this is the first of a projected many.

Our aims:

Produce a promotional tool

With feeling Productions film this short film promoting the good work of Barts and the London medical students in raising funds for good causes. This not only allows for recruitment purposes but also provides the potential for sponsorship and endorsement from cooperate bodies.

Create and Maintain Contacts

There are many aspects of with feeling that can benefit from the   experience and understanding of the medical world.  Working with fellows and students of this profession brings positive influence

Raise the profile of WF

with feeling as a result of this project becomes a charity supported by the program and so an essential part of the film. Building relationship and reputation whilst the use of the film ensures observation from wider, potentially higher audience.

Raise and maintain funding

ln return for the film, which with feeling is funding, Barts and the London are to provide a five year sponsorship program. This provides substantial return on our investment and maintained funding.